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Starwake Cable Park

“Sport is important both for physical and mental health and it is an element of social cohesion”
ASD Starwake Park offers to its members two facilities for water sports such as water skiing and wakeboarding , both equipped with the innovative drive system “Cable system” , characterized by a tow rope .

Main advantage coming from this system is its ACCESSIBILITY – this sport is suitable for everyone, from 5 yrs old kids to adults –  and its ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY – no environmental negative impacts are in fact generated.

We have a ” Full Size Cable” consisting of 6 towers and created by the market leader , the German Sesitec .

Starwake is the only Full Size Cable in Emilia Romagna.

There is also a facility ”System 2.0” always Sesitec , dedicated both to beginners and those who want to improve specific aspects .

Starwake cablepark is fully wheelchair-accessible .

In order to access the services offered by ASD Starwake Park, it is required a valid membership card that you can get directly at Starwake Park.

Opening hours : daily from 10 to 21 .

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